Bright Light Montessori Fees 2020

Application fee: R100 (to be paid with enrolment form)

Placement fee: R1500 (to be paid within 7 days of acceptance)

Sibling: R1000

Yearly materials fee: R250 per family (added to February fees)


Payment options:

Annual payment date: 5 January

12 monthly payments: Stop Order 1st of each month (1 January – 1 December)


Toddler: 7:30 – 12:00

Once off annual payment: R40017,12 (5% discounted) R38016,27 – 3 days a week

R44634,48 (5% discounted) R42402,75 – 5 days a week


12 monthly payments: R3334,76 – 3 days a week (Stop order dated 1 January – 1 December)

12 monthly payments: R3719,54– 5 days a week (Stop order dated 1 January to   1 December)


Preschool: 7:30 -12:30

Once off annual payment: R42402,75 (5% discounted)

12 monthly payments: R3719,54 (Stop order 1 January – 1 December)






Stay for lunch care (12-1/12:30-1:30) R150

12:30 – 3pm  R450

12:30 – 5:30   R650

Once Off fees: 3pm – R60

5pm – R85

Paid in cash on the day.

Aftercare fees are to be added to the Stop order on 1st of the month. A month’s notice is to be given if removing your child from Aftercare.



Holiday care:

Half day (pick up at 12:00pm) R80 a day

Full day (pick up until 5:30pm) R100 a day

Holiday Care fees are to be paid 1 week before school holidays commence


Required by each child:

Daily life at school:

1 pair of indoor shoes ( slip slops or crocs ) – stays at school SUMMER

1 pair of non slip proper fitted slippers – stays at school WINTER

Spare clothing(season appropriate) in a ziploc bag to stay in their locker box.


1 x Fresh fruit for sharing

Term 1 and 3:

2 DOUBLE packs of Provita (if you child cannot have gluten please provide 4 packs of Rice Cakes (large)

2 Large Spreads (1 large bottle of Sugar free peanut butter, Honey and 1 large botte of Strawberry Jam or 1 large bottle of Bovril)



A termly roster is sent out for parents to bring a 1 litre of DOUBE CREAM PLAIN YOGHURT.



9 2ply Toilet rolls

2 boxes of tissues

2 bottles of hand soap (liquid)

2 packets of fragrance free wet wipes

Toddler class: If Child is in Nappies, parent is to provide enough nappies, wipes and bum cream (labeled) for a FULL week.



If your child has a nap: A standard size camp-cot mattress with clearly marked waterproof sheet.

Pack lunch in a sealed lunch box or lunch bag. Include enough for late afternoon snack.

Please do not include: sweets, chips, any form of refined sugar.

The school provides afternoon snack of fresh fruit. – please send an extra snack if you child stays after 3pm.