Bright Light Montessori will accept children between the ages of 15 months and 6 years of age.

Preference will be given to those that wish to utilize the full three-year Montessori preschool programme. Or those that wish to enroll in the Toddler programme and then utilize the three-year Preschool programme.

Child's Details

Childs name:
Date of birth:
Required Starting Date:
Age when starting:
Previous school/s attended and dates:

Will your child stay for the final (Grade R) year of preschool:
Daily programme required:


Parent’s details:

Fathers name:
Contact number:
Email address:

Mothers name:
Contact number:
Email address:

Home number:
Home address:

Emergency Contacts

Emergency 1:
Emergency 2:


Any other information:

Documents to follow enrolment form: (within 14 days of acceptance)

  • 2 colour passport photos
  • Copy of vaccination card
  • Proof of Stop Order (dated 1st of the Month) – 1st Jan - 1st November
  • Proof of payment of placement fee

I understand that a place will be found for my child as soon as possible. Once informed of a place being available, a non-refundable placement fee of R1500-00 is payable within 14 days of notification. Failure to do this will result in the place being forfeited. Placement within the school is based on the following factors:
Availability of places, attendance at a previous Montessori school, your child’s age, the length of time you have been on the waiting list and your intention of staying with the school, among others.

I agree to inform the Principal immediately should I no longer wish to be on the waiting list. Despite every effort from the school, I understand that this application in no way guarantees that the school will be able to accommodate my child.